FCPC Group, Woman-Owned Calgary Accountant

Business owners have big plates overflowing with stress. We help them understand their profit position to reduce worry, and help them make bold business moves for growth. Get an ally for growth with a profit-focused accountant.

Most business owners only get clarity on their profitability once per year at tax time, and even then they do not get the type of dynamic or specialized advice they deserve to receive from their accountant, applicable to their unique business circumstances.

Through no fault of their own, the majority of business owners lack a clear idea of their profitability in real time, because they haven’t found the appropriate professional support. They miss out on opportunities to grow their business, or feel the stress of making growth decisions by gut or totally blind.

If you want to build your business from six figures to seven, you need the right ally, with an empathetic but businesslike temperament to walk in step with your growth plan. FCPC Group is woman-owned by Fay Chrisohou, Chartered Professional Accountant, who for more than two decades has helped small business owners, and other female entrepreneurs grow their confidence while they see their businesses and practices expand profitably.

She left the rigidity and security of corporate accounting to instead be a part of the more gratifying work of walking with people who are building companies from scratch while bringing prosperity and stability for themselves and others.

Her journey among small business owners began in small-town Alberta where she received foundational insight watching her parents run a successful restaurant. She helped out on every part of the operation, compensated for her labour with free pop refills, tips, and an early education in creating a work ethic.

From this, and after decades of helping other business owners, she learned that running a company comes with difficult emotions, doubts and uncertainty. She resolved to be the one to provide answers and solutions to business owners’ complex situations, so they can get back to their passions and better sleeps.

A contemporary, profit-focused accountant makes a difference.
Not having regularly updated financial information means you can’t respond or plan. Providing ongoing data means business owners can adjust their course while they still have time.
Doing your own books is risky, and time consuming. Plus, accounting is boring. Compliance for tax filings is mandatory. All owners want the process to be painless. Mistakes are costly in time and money. Don’t learn expensive lessons and instead trust an expert who is qualified to give advice, so that you benefit from the lowest possible tax bill.
Professional and Accredited: Placing a priority on making companies profitable, Fay Chrisohou is a Chartered Professional Accountant since the 1990s and a Tax and Estate Practitioner since 2012.
Passionate about helping business owners and empathetic to their roller coaster stress. It doesn’t need to feel this way.
Smaller, nimble, personal: Choosing to work with only select clients in a boutique-sized practice so that you benefit from efficiency and a direct relationship with an expert advisor. Low overhead and small scale means fair fees.
Personable, earnest, warm-hearted. Accountants have rightly earned their reputation for bland personalities and chilly communication styles. When it comes to your financials, there are few topics that are more intimate, requiring some compassion. Customers need fluid communication on these important and delicate matters. The team is responsive, and brings humanity and personality to this partnership.
Fair Value and Best price first: Prices are transparent ad we set expectations and let customers choose their level of service to get the most value, and the most advice.
Easy and mobile with anywhere-anytime-answers: Today’s business owners do not need to be tied down. Work can happen anywhere. We are part of your cloud-based workspace. Real-time data is secure and accessed from any device, any time, and anywhere there’s internet connection.

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