Fat Man Little Kitchen

We are a Indigenous owned Hot Sauce & Spice manufacturing, wholesale and retail company based out of Edmonton Alberta

At Fat Man Little Kitchen we provide high end sauces and spice blends which are well above industry standard. While developing a business model focusing on the training, development, ownership potential and utilizing talented, educated and motivated Indigenous people.

We have perfected a 100-year-old recipe from Jamaica and provided it with a modern and healthy twist. All our spices use Potassium Chloride instead of table salt to help mitigate the high consumption of Sodium Chloride in modern diets. This is especially true for Indigenous populations where high potassium traditional diets have been replaced by highly processed and ready to eat foods.

We have created our products with all-natural ingredients, utilizing HACCP principle and gone above and beyond legislated food safety protocols in the production and bottling of our amazing sauces

There is a lack of any Indigenous food manufacturing companies in the newest and fastest growing food industry trend. FMLK wants to be the first company to do so by selling all natural, Canadian made and delicious products online, in traditional stores and in restaurants.

With no real representation in the Canadian hot sauce market by Canadian owned companies, most are from the United States or international companies, there is room for growth and innovation in the North American market. We want to be the company which makes this trend wholly Canadian and change the world one spicy smile at a time.

Our Products:

Carolina Reaper Garam Masala: A delicious of traditional spices and fortified with the worlds hottest pepper, Carolina Reaper. This aromatic, flavorful and spicy blend is sure to make anything taste amazing, from French fries, popcorn, vegetables, meats and soups you can put it on anything.

Ghost Pepper Bourbon BBQ Sauce: This rich, sweet and smoky sauce holds some secrets with the mythical heat of Ghost Pepper in it. What would make an amazing Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce even better you ask? Jack Daniels, in fact Jack Daniels makes everything better and the sweet and distinct flavor brings out even more levels to this amazing sauce.

“Not” Hot Sauce: Tired of the normal “Hot Sauce” experience? “Not” Hot Sauce is the FMLK mainstay and the ring leader of all the sauce family. It is a classic Jamaican habanero hot sauce, which has been perfected to fit the North American palate. This is the sauce to change the world and show the public what a delicious, complex, and traditional hot sauce is meant to be.

“Hot” Hot Sauce: Lets take some “Not” Hot Sauce and add a bunch of Carolina Reaper and Capsaicin Crystals to elevate the heat to the next level. We take a magnificent Jamaican Habanero hot sauce and bring the heat up to another level making a savory, spicy and amazing hot sauce perfect for the chili heads out there.

“Very Hot” Hot Sauce: Lets take some “Hot” Hot Sauce double up the Carolina Reaper, Capsaicin Crystals and add some Ghost Pepper extract to bring it to the ultimate level. This sauce requires just a drop in a bowl of soup, in some mayonnaise, or a table spoon to a pot of chili!! This is no joke, please use with caution and remember that if you are crushing this, you are a true chili head!

Saskatoon Mint Hot Sauce/Marinade: A delicious and amazing sauce which utilizes the unique berries from my child hood and mixed with Red Bhutlah Peppers. This sweet, savory and spicy sauce goes perfect on fish, chicken, pork and makes almost anything better.

Scorpion Moruga Montreal Steak Spice: This blend of dried herbs and spices, which is a magnificent version of a traditional Montreal Steak spice, is brought to another level by replacing crushed chilis with Scorpion Moruga flakes. This goes perfect on fire grilled chicken, pork and beef while elevating the heat to sky high levels.

Fermented Scotch Bonnet Salsa: Take some garlic, onions, spices, and Scotch Bonnet peppers and ferment for 7 weeks, the rich earthy flavor you get is to die for. There is honestly nothing better and the only thing holding this sauce back from being number 1, is the two months it takes to make

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