Expert Training Solutions Inc.

Expert Training Solutions provides honest advice and practical training solutions to help you grow and improve your business.

• Are you frustrated because your employees are coming in late and not getting their projects completed on time?
• Does your non-profit board take too long to make decisions?
• Do you have to build an employee training program but you don’t have the staff to do it and you don’t know who to ask for help?

If you are a leader who is looking for answers to these types of questions, then you’re in the right place.

Expert Training Solutions provides the right experts at the right time to help you solve business problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Our approach is simple. First, we have an honest conversation with you to understand your situation. Then we build a plan to help you envision how you can move forward. Then we match you with the right expert to help you to take action.

From strategic planning to communications, operations to human resources and more, we provide the right training, coaching and consulting you need to be successful.

We have worked with senior leaders, owners and managers in a wide variety of small businesses, non-profits and corporations. From healthcare to oil and gas, real estate to emergency services and more, we have gained many insights and we apply those insights to each new client that we deal with.

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