Exodia Consulting

Shared Administration and Management Support Services for Small Business and Contractors.

We specialize in supporting small business and contractors in Alberta. Large organizations are beginning to increasingly implement strategies which provide an in-depth snapshot of their spend and business relationships to identify ongoing improvements and efficiencies. This impacts small business and contractors who do not have the resources of full-time employees to manage all these customer specific requirements. We help our customers navigate this complex business activities to meet all their customers needs and requirements. From compliance portals to complex invoicing practices and programs, whether you need one-time support or on-going support (less than 20 hours per week), give us a call, let’s talk.

We provide process design and development for medium to large businesses. Been in business for a long time? Try our Clean to Lean service to revitalize your processes. We believe there is a solution for every problem, our holistic approach to process ensures your assets are covered and your employees are happy.

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