Emergency Management Logistics Canada

When every second counts, we connect Canada’s emergency management sector with local products and services.

Emergency Management Logistics ensures emergency management readiness with immediate access to updated product and service vendor lists to improve emergency preparedness, coverage, and recovery.

From #blanketstohelicopters, the EMLCanada.ca Platform saves emergency management organizations (EMOs) time and money by providing a centralized logistics tool that reduces administration work and enables EMOs to quickly search for, request, and access resources, during preparedness, response, and recovery, from across Canada.

EMLCanada is Canada’s FIRST and ONLY emergency management logistics platform that connects Canadian businesses to emergency management efforts, fulfilling a need in the market for optimal emergency response.

The EMLCanada.ca Platform provides Emergency Management Organizations (EMOs) with access to verified resources in one place resulting in improved efficiencies in Canada’s supply chain and empowers EMOs to respond to crises with confidence.

The EMLCanada.ca Platform’s robust and powerful search engine enables local vendors the ability to expand their business reach and access target emergency management markets across the country.

EMLCanada creates a community of practice that convenes the emergency management sector in one place and builds an interconnected network that can learn and collaborate together before, during and after a critical event.

EMLCanada members receive networking and learning opportunities with a monthly newsletter and regular training sessions delivered by subject matter experts.

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