Edward Mondol Management Consultants Inc.

Management Consultant

As a management consultancy we provide access to specialized knowledge, business connections, training materials, and work resources for our clientele. We understand ourselves as partner for small business and organizations, that strives to strengthen market positions and introduce new, sustainable profit while creating a pathway to success and growth.

At Edward Mondol Management Consultants Inc. we envision a world, in which businesses and organizations have ready access to knowledge and tools, and can thrive easily and without boundaries. This is why we additionally create business tools and publications that provide access to industry related knowledge for the benefit of not only our customers, but for the people within each sector at large.

Our scope of services incorporate
corporate analysis including general assessments, process mapping, feasibility studies, evaluations, and research
organizational development including business plans, organizational (re-)structuring, work process, production process, and sales process improvement, implementation of executive tools, and assistance in hiring and recruiting
strategic learning including executive and staff training, preparation of educational materials, campaigns, courses, and workshops
business consulting services including sales training, sales management, revenue forecasting, sales system design and implementation, customer relationship management, and customer retention
financial business management including tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting service, preparation of financial statements, performance measurement, financial planning and budgeting, and financial research

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