Edu-Best Educational Resources

We create curriculum aligned print and digital resources focusing on Reading Comprehension Success for Grades 3 to 12.

As an educator and assessment specialist I recognize the importance of strong tools that help diagnose reading comprehension skills and allow for effective follow up. I was unable to find a trusted resource so I set about creating my own comprehensive package of digital student assessments along with printed review materials that focus on specific skills needing more attention. All our resources are 100% aligned to the curricular elements in the ELA Program of Studies in Alberta. Our resources focus on the process of Reading Comprehension Success for each individual student.
Our online Reading Comprehension Assessment Tool (RCAT) provides learners with levelled assessments for each grade from 3 to 12. Learners and teachers receive immediate reporting showing their individual performance, not only on the score but also by reading comprehension skill category. This aids in focused practice and instruction in the reading comprehension skill areas requiring attention.
We have also created Reading Comprehension Success Blackline Master packages for continued practice in a variety of genres with hundreds of questions and detailed explanations including alignment to the reading comprehension skill categories.
These resources provide value to educators by providing effective and efficient assessments, reports, and practice content allowing them more time for individualized instruction for all learners.
All content is created by educators and 100% aligned to the Alberta ELA Program of Studies.

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