Eagle Business Coaching

Leadership, Empowerment and Business Strategy coaching services for Entrepreneurs and high-performance Executives

Eagle Business Coaching has been supporting business owners in Alberta since 2016. Our turnkey coaching programs are 100% customized to the company and entrepreneur’s needs and circumstances, particularly in these challenging times. Our coaching methodology guarantee results based on three pillars:
– Resource optimization, towards lower costs and higher return.
– Leadership, to turn adversity into opportunities for yourself and for your organization while thriving in your professional and personal life. Your leadership and lifestyle have a direct impact on your company, we want it to be profound and inspiring.
– Contribution that will purposefully connect you with your team, as well as your company with your community.

My name is Ana-Maria Ortega, Founder and certified Master Coach, B.Comm and MSDI at Eagle Business Coaching Corp. 25 years of experience in business in the corporate world and entrepreneurship in multiple industries and in three different countries, validate my expertise in change management, business strategies, organizational culture, innovation, projects and process management, customer service, and marketing. I also offer my coaching services in Spanish.

I can’t wait to hear from you and start supporting you to reach your and your company’s goals while making an impact!

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