Purveyor of handcrafted magnets, pressed tin magnetic boards, cards, stationery, art & gifts.

E-Artistry – Definition of: Creative, skilled, artistic, talented, genius, brilliant, proficient, virtuous, stylish, superior craftsmanship, quality and finesse. E-Artistry is a lifestyle brand/lifestyle decor company based in Edmonton. We are a small team of three, yet very mighty! E-Artistry products are handcrafted with love. What makes E-Artistry unique is that we offer hands on workshops to create and DIY select curated products that we have designed. We help you to refresh your home, workspace or anywhere in between. From tips on how to set a formal or informal table; to what is the best way to organize and take notes, to preparing a seating chart for your wedding or special occasion E-Artistry can help you with that. We are obsessed with magnets & magnetic boards, cupcakes and cards, books and the bookmarks that go in them. We give you tips and ideas to help you with the everyday and not so everyday; special occasions and more.

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