Dynamic Resource Solutions Ltd

We are a staffing and human resource consulting firm.

Dynamic Resource Solutions Ltd is a staffing and HR consulting business with a mission to create effective workplaces. We help growing small businesses and non-profits organizations with processes from hiring to firing, including payroll administration. Our ideal client is any business/organization with 2 – 50 employees.

Why us:
• We take off the stress of hiring wrong people and save you time & money on your hiring process.
• We remove the struggles & frustration of people management by taking care of your people, while you focus on your bottom-line.
• We help mitigate your risks to ensure you are compliant, by providing you statutory updates and best practices.

Our services include:
 Staffing & Recruitment
 Payroll Administration
 HR Consulting
 Coaching
 Training

Are you a business owner or manager who is tired of hiring wrong people or struggling with payroll administration, managing, and firing people and wants access to HR manager without the cost of hiring one, please contact us.

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