Dr. Candice Staniek (ND)

I help professional woman regain their life through investigating what is causing fatigue and addressing underlying infection, hormones, stress, and sleep.

One of the most valuable things in medicine is to feel like you matter and that your healthcare provider listens and cares about your health. I am a naturopathic doctor who listens deeply.

How does this translate for you? Faster results!

I have over 15 years experience in health and 15+ years in integral/integrative living. Based on this experience, I have a vast number of modalities to draw up to develop an individualized treatment plan.

The services include: naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, psychotherapy, homeopathy, and nutrition.

What makes be qualified to assist you?
One of the things I have learned to be helpful in a practitioner is compassion and understanding. In short, I’ve had several things in my life that I’ve had to overcome. There is no judgement from myself. I’m a real person that you can relate to, share your story, and emerge with the life you deserve.

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