Dark Horse Handcrafted

We make hand poured soy based candles along with personalized custom items for truly unique gifts for all occasions.

Dark Horse Handcrafted is a home based hand made business out of Mayerthorpe, Alberta. Our main focus is artisan made small batch, hand poured candles that smell out of this world!

Our coconut soy candles bring together the best of both worlds. The beautiful creaminess of coconut wax with the stability of all natural soy wax. These candles burn elegantly slow with a gentle crackling sound that only a wooden wick can create.

We also really enjoy offering custom personalized items that you just can’t get in your local big box store. From custom candles to coffee cups, we truly enjoy providing an experience that can only be handmade.

Everything we make, we do with attention to detail. Made here, in house – each item, has been carefully handcrafted to invoke a unique experience for you or as a unique gift for someone important in your life.

Helping people add personal touches to their lives is what we love!

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