Dagmar Dharma Yoga

Aging Gracefully with Yoga Guidance for the Older Active Population, Seniors and those New to Yoga.

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that combines breath control, flexibility and strength. This ancient practice originated in India and offers immense health and wellness benefits. At Dagmar Dharma Yoga we help our students to work from the inside out by learning specific methods for attaining a goal. Students learn various techniques used by experienced practitioners to decrease stress and manage tension while getting stronger and gaining flexibility. Our experienced Yoga teacher Dagmar Sanchez, owner of Dagmar Dharma Yoga holds herself accountable to the highest standards. Dagmar meets her students needs no matter where they are in their journey. Dagmar specializes in teaching Yoga to the Senior Population and the beginner yogi. Dagmar’s ability to connect deeply with her students and encourage them to live their best life yet by sharing her personal journey and struggles, making her your best mentor yet. You are welcome to join Dagmar Virtually on Zoom for a Stretch On Sunday Yoga session and let her be your guide achieving a happier and healthier you.

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