Custom Orthopedic Ltd. & The Walk Shoppe!

Keeping Albertans on their feet with quality orthotics and footwear for over 30 years!

Custom Orthopedic’s tradition started in Italy, where Saverio Esposito began his apprenticeship as a shoemaker at seven years old. Saverio moved his family to Canada in 1958, where he trained his sons, Joe and Mario. In 1968 Saverio opened his first store in WestMount Shopping Centre. There, he offered shoe repair services, orthopedic modifications and custom made insoles. It was here that Saverio passed his knowledge on to his sons, until his retirement in 1989. That same year, Joe and Mario opened their own shop in downtown Edmonton, under Custom Orthopedic Ltd.

Later, realizing that there were not many choices for orthopedic friendly footwear, they opened The Walk Shoppe to offer their clients a better selection of quality footwear.

Today, Custom Orthopedic Ltd. & The Walk Shoppe continues the tradition of making hand crafted orthopedic devices, but we also sell high quality brand name footwear (& we teach our clients HOW to purchase appropriate footwear), compression therapy stockings and modifications to existing orthopedic footwear.

We’re up front about it: We’d rather you get your product from us, but, if you don’t like what we have in the shop, it’s by far more important that you know the HOW and WHY of your selection before buying so that you can be sure you’re getting quality not just quantity!

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