ClearAir Device Ltd

ClearAir Device focuses on the simple science of water, air, and electricity to produce holistic home, health, and beauty products. Our mission is to help families and businesses reduce threats of infection with cost-effective – clinically informed alternatives.

ClearAir Device focuses on two organic solutions:

Ozone (3)is produced naturally in the stratosphere and
Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is created by our white blood cells to fight infections and sickness.
Both are nature’s gifts, and we rely on this science to deliver made-at-home, health & wellness options.

The COVID19 pandemic has created global concerns for sustainable health, complicated by reduced food security, and hampered supply chains. This current state of unrest has increased our sense of awareness of personal health and safety.

Having access to essentials that can be made immediately, on-demand and for a low cost is important during this time.

Our suite of FDA & CDC-approved products are designed to protect people and animals against harmful contaminants that can halt lives and businesses. All while helping to make a happy planet.

ClearAir Device Ltd.

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