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I teach Mental Health First Aid virtually and in-person, teach workshops about mental wellness, and develop mental health content.

Hi, I am Elaine Benacchio.
I have been teaching Mental Health First Aid through the Mental Health Commission of Canada for several years – it is my favourite thing to do! You have never met a teacher like me; I am highly-specialized in the field of disability support. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Masters of Education in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, and three teaching certificates. I can teach adults in a post-secondary setting. Most importantly, I live with a mental health issue and physical disability.
Mental Health First Aid is a well-researched, evidence-based class scheduled in 2 or 4 sessions. First of all: it is a first aid class. No medical training is required, it is available to all Canadian residents over age 18. Instead of learning about treating a broken limb or shock, you will learn how to intervene during times of declining mental well-being and crises. The most common mental health issues are taught, including substance use, mood disorders, anxiety problems, and much more. You will practice the ALGEES model to provide comfort and promote recovery. MHFA is offered virtually and in-person. It is great for team building and workplace safety! See my classes listed on my website:
With me, there is always more! Do you need a shorter workshop or tailored lesson about mental health? I provide customized training about mental wellness, self care, mental health at work, coping with COVID stress, and healthy habits. Tell me what you need and let me surpass your expectations! Email me at
I am passionate about social change and reducing stigma through other channels. I have a blog, From Elaine’s Brain – find it at I have free edocuments on my website ( about advocacy, sleep, positive coping, and local resources.
I am well-educated, an energetic teacher, and knowledgeable. I supported adults with disabilities for 18 years. I have helped people with every mental health diagnosis you can imagine to live meaningful lives in the community. I am collaborative and mentor other Mental Health First Aid Instructors. Reach out to me: I will see you soon!

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