Chic Geek

Chic Geek is a non-profit committed to building gender diversity in technology.

Pronounced “Sheek Geek”, Chic Geek believes technology is shaping the world we live in and we want to see more women’s voices shaping our future.

Women are underrepresented in technology – something that hasn’t changed in the past ten years. We’ve learned that mid-career women are most likely to leave technology companies and technology careers because they don’t see a clear path to advancement. Chic Geek’s initiatives are designed to engage companies and help women see more career visibility so we can better retain them in technology careers and companies.

Our goal is to put a stop to the leaky talent funnel for intermediate women in technology.

Chic Geek is the go-to place for women in technology. Our monthly newsletter includes job opportunities, events and unique offers to help women advance their careers in tech. Our Career Pathing initiative is designed to help women build their strategic networks and achieve greater career visibility.

Visit our website and join our mailing list to be part of the Chic Geek community!

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