Centurion Cyber Defence

Centurion Cyber Defence was founded to support its communities against a rising tide of cybersecurity threats.

Centurion Cyber Defence (CCD) prides itself on its holistic approach to cyber solutions, which is unique in the industry. We use the skills and experience of leading-edge White Hat1 hackers and Cyber Law Enforcement professionals to protect, prepare and immunize clients against real hacking, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks. CCD will engage and interact with your people, systems, technology, and processes in the same way that real-world hackers do, to understand and ultimately protect your organization from both known and unknown vulnerabilities. Traditional cyber security companies may use automation exclusively to test systems. Unfortunately, automated processes only detect publicly known weaknesses. They will often miss vulnerabilities that a real hacker would be able to exploit through a combination of experience and invention. CCD’s use of White Hat Hackers in partnership with former Cyber Law Enforcement Professionals is an unprecedented combination of skill and determination unique to the industry.

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