Carmella Consulting

Carmella Marketing is an award-winning, nationally certified woman-led marketing agency with a high-energy culture of creativity.

Our strategies are results-driven; our approach to digital marketing is always evolving with the market and consistently provides our clients with the best results and an impressive ROI.

The Carmella team collectively make up a social media storytelling powerhouse of digital marketing experts. Carmella’s passion for all things marketing shows through our client work, which ladders up to distinct business goals and wins our clients awards.

Our approach is different simply because we begin with a one on one meeting to get to the bottom of our customer’s current dissatisfaction. Collectively, we devise solutions to address the issues and needs presented. Once there is agreement on the proposed plan, our creative team puts the plan in action to begin delivering results while our project manager ensures quality and consistency.

We are privileged to work with some of the best companies and biggest events in Western Canada. Our best clients bring us business problems to solve and let our proven tactics drive the ROI they are looking for. Carmella Marketing’s established reputation: Innovation at every turn.

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