Carla Lehman Photography

Carla Lehman Photography is an east-central based photography studio that has been serving personal brand, portrait and wedding clients for over 18 years.

Carla Lehman is a visual storyteller focused on celebrating the essence of profoundly personal moments and telling authentic stories to transform celebrations and everyday moments into a lifetime legacy of memories. Her mission in photography is in service of others, to tell stories about life events; to find the wonder and magic of every day connections and transform then into heirloom memories to treasure for generations. With 18 years of experience, Carla connects with her clients, sees their emotions and uses that to tell their story. Carla photographs weddings, families and graduates, equine and pet photography. Carla also crafts engaging visual campaigns for personal brands, business brands, knowing that helping them to create brand recognition is a visual way to help them serve their clients by starting compelling conversations and creating an authentic connection.

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