Boreal Ecology & Education

Science-based education about Northwestern Canada’s Boreal Forest Region. Environmental scientist.

We live in the middle of Canada’s most amazing forest, which takes up at least half our landmass- yet we know little about it. Boreal Ecology & Education works plans to change that! Firstly, with Boreal Plants Pages; a visual database of the vascular and non0vascular plants of Canada’s northwestern boreal forest region.
Secondly, through a Poster Series; which explores the scientific, spiritual and cultural aspects of Canada’s boreal forest region.
Thirdly, through Original Botanical Artwork; featuring Botanical paintings of native boreal vascular and non-0vascular native plant species – as well as images of amphibians, reptiles, insects and mammals.
Fourthly, through our extensive Digital Photo Library, with images of all aspects of life in Canada’s northwestern Boreal forest region.
And lastly, through the expert services of an Environmental Field-Based Scientist (and her team), who will undertake Vegetation & Wetland Assessments, Weed Surveys, Rare Plant Surveys, Migratory Bird Surveys, Environmental Inventories & Assessments, Pre-Disturbance Assessments & EFR’s Environmental Forestry Reports.
Another prime aspect of Boreal Ecology and Education, is the ability to complete Traditional Knowledge Assessments, Historical Research and undertake detailed Literature Reviews.

“Doing this kind of work for a living…is not work for me!”
My heart is in it all-the-way, and I strive to give you the best quality work, products and service I can for you. The Boreal is an amazing place, and I love to show-it to people and help them “discover” its beauty, majesty and the life forms that depend upon it.
It will give back to you – what you put into it.
Expect the best!

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