Birds & Bees Organic Winery and Distillery

A little naughty, alotta nice – Wine, Mead and Spirits.

Birds & Bees started with apples & pears
Once upon a time back in 1964, Victor and Elizabeth Chrapko got married and received their first fruit trees – crab apple and pear. From there they started the orchard that would lead to very big things.

Fast forward to 1999. With a thriving orchard featuring 15 different fruits and a small honeybee operation in full swing , they set their sights on even bigger things – a winery.

The only problem? Regulations.

Alberta’s strict bylaws for fermenting wine made their quest a tough one to conquer. But the Chrapko family firmly believed that if you can’t beat ‘em, change ‘em. So for the next 6 years, Victor and Elizabeth fought the law. And they won.

In 2005, we became Alberta’s very first Certified Organic Winery… to our knowledge, Birds & Bees is the northern-most Organic Fruit Orchard, Winery, Meadery, and Distillery in the World.

Today, our family farm continues to mix home-grown organic deliciousness with our proud proprietary process to deliver the fantastically flirty variety of wines and spirits that Albertans (and beyond!) know and love.

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