Best Bodies Counselling & Hypnotherapy Inc.

Psychological Services – Virtual and In-person Sessions

We are passionate about empowering individuals and couples in overcoming life’s challenges and helping them improve their interpersonal relationships.
Counselling and or hypnotherapy services are client-centred safe, supportive and professional.

Our Team includes: Psychologists, Counselling Therapists and Clinical hypnotherapists and Social Workers.
Approaches: CBT cognitive behaviour therapy, DBT dialectical behaviour therapy, EMDR eye movement desensitization reprocessing, CBH cognitive behaviour hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

✅ Anxiety & Panic ✅ Depression ✅ Self-destructive behaviours ✅ Loss / Grief ✅ Personal growth & development
✅ Relationships ✅ PTSD / Trauma ✅ Smoking Cessation ✅ Phobias & more…

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