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Human Resources. From hire to retire. Recruitment, team building and manual development.

PEOPLE PROBLEMS? Do these issues seem familiar?

Your company has a family feel, but you need more staff. The last person you hired was a disaster, and other staff threatened to quit if you didn’t fire her. How do you make a better choice this time?

Tik Tok, Zoom and the mention of social media by one of your younger staff makes you cringe. There is a growing divide between the generations at the office, and you don’t know what to do.

You fired someone a couple of years ago, and they took you to court. Now you make life miserable for them until they quit.

An angry employee throws their keys on your desk and says, “I’m done.” Then walks out the door.

Employee calls in sick. Again.

RECRUITMENT SUPPORT-from creating and posting an ad to full-service recruitment. We have an option to fit your needs. ($500 – $4,500)

PAYROLL SERVICES-Let a company that knows how Employment Standards work and can apply them correctly to your company payroll. (Contact for pricing)

FRACTIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES-select 5, 10 or 15 hours per month of Human Resources services. Use the hours the way you need them. ($625 – $1,872/month)

TEAM-BUILDING-half, or full-day sessions to connect the group of people you are trying to grow into a team. ($900 – $1800)

… Jennifer made it easy. She was able to take a lot of the hiring process off my plate and allowed me to focus on other things. The team found her approachable and easy to talk to, and I found that she had great advice for me on how to handle different situations, she knows her stuff. Now that I have worked with HR, I would recommend talking to Jennifer to see how she can help your company.” K. D.

Human Resources provides balance and perspective between what is best for your company, what is legal and what is best for the team member. Balanced Perspectives’ mission is to assist our clients in meeting their mission by recruiting, employing, retaining, and developing teams, enhancing employee relations, increasing performance, and providing efficient, cost-effective, customer-responsive human resource services.

Jennifer (Caseley) Ireson has over 20 years of Human Resources experience. She holds her Chartered Professional Human Resources and Registered Professional Recruiter designations plus completed a Master of Education in Adult-Learning.

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