Baking Barn

Locally made vanilla products!

At Baking Barn, we make a sweet tasting, pure, alcohol free vanilla extract in Lethbridge! We were wanting a vanilla that did not cook out at high heats, or add a bitter taste to our favorite recipes. After years of testing, we found a glycerin base was our best choice. The fun was just beginning because it takes 1 full year to get the perfect blend! We make all our products with the world’s best Madagascar vanilla beans! Yum! We also make vanilla sugar and spiced vanilla sugar! Roll your snicker-doodle cookie dough in the sugars, sprinkle it on toast, make amazing pancakes! There are a lot of fun ways to add a natural vanilla flavor to almost anything!! We are proud to source organically with environmentally and socially sustainable products! Those who like to know what the ingredients are in their foods will enjoy our product line! Simple, pure, local, and definitely yummy!! We are selling in many local stores, and in Sobeys in the Calgary area! Come find us at: Mocha Local, London Drugs, Oliver’s, Nutter’s, Umami, Naturistas, Sobeys, Safeway westside, Wooden Shoe, Purple Carrot!

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