Athenian Group Ltd

Alberta based and Veteran owned Staffing and Payroll services company.

Launching in January 2011, Athenian Group is a full-service placement agency providing Professional Technical Recruitment and Payroll services to North America’s top Consulting, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction companies.

Our main goal is working together for success. By focusing on building long-term relationships with organizations; and working with candidates looking to build upon their contract and career progressions we will lead the industry by placing the right people with the best companies. Athenian Group’s team has been providing contract and permanent staff for over 25 years.

The keys to achieving success at Athenian Group include;
• Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
• Consistently meeting client expectations
• Supporting forward thinking social responsibility
• Maintaining the highest level of professionalism (Honesty, Integrity)
• Preserving a strong business partnership with our clients, based on ethical business practices


As a service company, we recognize that the keys to a strong progressive partnership with our clients include:
· Good understanding of the clients wants and needs.
· Quality of Referrals and Services Provided
· Continuous and honest Feedback and communication
Our goal is and will always be to provide our clients with the quality of service that will create a lasting relationship.

Contract / Temporary Recruitment
Contract/Temporary Recruitment is a great option for project hires, shutdowns/turnarounds, or seasonal growth. Our back office is geared to handle major growth rapidly and professionally and able to adapt to the invoicing and billing demands of our clients, such as job costing, shift premiums, per diems, relocation allowances, cost of living allowances, benefit programs, and so on.

Staff / Direct Placements
Hiring for staff/permanent positions is a big investment, of your time and resources, make sure you are getting to see the best candidates for you business.

Contingent Worker Payrolling
A successful Contingent Worker program is a complex strategy that helps to mitigate the legal risks of worker misclassification. At Athenian Group we have been building and managing payroll services for clients for over 10 year history.
Failing to manage your contingent/contract workforce properly you could face an audit, lawsuit, fines, penalties, and interest fees for all of the back taxes and other premiums and benefits that you should have been providing the worker all along. Let us help with your unique program needs.

RPO / On-Site / Off-Site Services
One of the first projects Athenian Group took on was a Remote RPO program to staff-up an industrial construction project @ the Suncor Site, we successfully sourced, hired, onboarded, and landed over 400 tradesmen and women from across Canada.

Everything You Need, In One Place

· Contractor and Temporary employee Flow Trough/Payrolling services
· Contingent On-Site – Onboarding /Administrative personnel
· Contingent & Project Off-Site – Recruiters / Onboarding
· Contingent – Staff Recruitment Service
· Contract & Permanent Staff Recruitment – Contingent Search, Retainer Search & Flat Fee
· Contractor / Temporary employee – Flow Through/Payrolling services
· Contingent On-site Resources – Recruiting / Onboarding /Administrative personnel
· Contingent & Project Off-Site/Remote Resources – Recruiters / Onboarding / Data Entry

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