Ankur Goklaney- La Capitale financial Security Beneva

I am an accomplished multi-skilled professional, with over eighteen years of experience in
customer service in diverse industries and roles. An alumnus of GGS IP University, New Delhi,
India in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, I also hold a postgraduate degree in
Hospitality and Tourism Management from Niagra College. Specializing in food production
operations, I have held with distinction several positions of responsibility in India and in Canada,
consistently delivering high level of customer satisfaction (please see ‘Experience’ Section). I
am presently a Managing Partner of Taj Indian Restaurant, Airdrie, a most popular fine dining
destination for an ever increasing number of committed customers from diverse ethnic
I am also a licensed Financial Security Advisor with La Capitale Financial Security, one of the
largest and most dynamic insurance companies in Canada
Our Prime focus is on providing adequate protection in different forms to the self-employed business
owners and we dominate this niche market with our customizable and time-tested accident and
sickness programs, most of which have a built-in ‘return of premium’ feature: our clients never
lose their premiums. Our offerings range from lifetime accident and sickness plans (YES
LIFETIME!), critical illness plans, life insurance and investment plans, among others. We
recognize that while wealth creation is important, wealth sustenance and protection is equally, if
not more important. Key areas of my service include:
– Disability insurance
– Critical illness insurance
– Life insurance
– Tax free savings account
– Financial Planning

My customers find me easily accessible to educate and handhold them, and to facilitate
contracting customized products to meet their needs for protecting incomes for the benefit of
their businesses and families.
I urge all my existing and prospective customers to feel free to engage with me on this platform,
and spread word among their families and friends for broader and deeper penetration of my
services. You will find me as personal as I am professionally permitted to be with a view to
building lasting and mutually rewarding business relationships.

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