Virtual, cloud based Alberta Accounting Firm- With DIY Bookkeeping Plans

Accounting and Advisory firm. A locally owned small business, based in Edmonton Alberta. Serving Small business owners in Alberta. Many clients that transferred to us from other firms shared 3 major concerns. 1- Unexpected Year Accounting Bills/Fees 2- Prior Accountants would not take the time to Educate or Train the Client 3. Accountants Help stopped at the Tax Return. We responded with a new approach- 1. Fixed Value-based Accounting fees – (no surprise Accounting bills) 2. Value-based monthly packages Include Consulting, Question of the day, Task Training, and Tax Planning, and many other services. Which is an “All in One ” Monthly Fee. 3. Our support goes beyond the Income-tax return to assist in Advisory services- Ie. Links to Trades, Loan application support, Business plans, budgeting/forecasts/cashflow – Detail business analysis, collection of Accounts receivables, Reporting for Covid programs. In Dec 2019 a NEW DIY program for those businesses who had funding or cash flow challenges (next to broke) The Free DIY Bookkeeping program is FREE- including setup, training, Online document system, quarterly reviews/meeting & based upon a client Paying for the Tax File

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