Alberta Aromatherapy Institute

Alberta Aromatherapy Institute offers 12 month aromatherapy certificate program highlighting aroma-points application with your health in mind.

Alberta Aromatherapy Institute offers a 12 month Aromatherapy Certificate program online and option to take 24 months to complete. There are 5 online / home study components corresponding to the seasons /elements of the year.

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer with 5 textbooks (2 Clinical guides to essential oil therapeutics textbooks, Anatomy & Physiology, Meridian Massage book & videos, aromatherapy text, to help complete your 660 hours Aromatherapy Certificate program. CEU with NHPC and MTAA in Alberta.

Essential oil application knowledge includes: meridian/ acupressure massage knowledge with practice videos, diffusion and roll-on blending. All sessions requires 6 case studies along with quizzes.

Extra direction and information is given to chosen industries the student is preparing for beauticians, aromatherapist, students, RMT, reflexology, nursing and moms at home with young families.

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