Alberta Aromatherapy Institute

Aromatherapy Certificate Program- 660 hours for an one year duration with monthly subscription option.

Alberta Aromatherapy Institute 660 hours offers a monthly subscription certificate program for one year to gain credibility with Aromatherapy Education. Science based information/elements/meridians/seasons/therapeutic uses, and benefits.
The student is responsible for ordering their 5 textbooks online through Amazon to secure in-depth knowledge of essential oils, anatomy and physiology, meridian massage, and a workbook of Instructions for each season of systems and 60 essential oil REQUIREMENTS; profiles are required to be profiled with the botanical families, species, Latin name; part of the plant used for extraction; all precautions and contraindications; 3 specific therapeutic properties; 5 main areas of use defined by those body systems mainly affected by using the essential oil -for Course requirement.
COMMUNICATIONS; Emailing, aromatherapy group on Facebook, phone conversations available, FEEDBACK Student schedule organizer is provided for marks/corrections of quizzes, colour exercises for the anatomy/physiology , videos for 12 meridians, case studies per season. SAFETY. CONCERNS. topical skin and mucous membranes; inhalation; diffusion; oral ingestion will be noted but not used. SAFETY ISSUES for children, including poisoning; pregnancy; elderly DOSAGE CONSIDERATION %of dilution, quantity of oil to be appLied; type of carrier oil, skin condition; AROMA CHEMISTRY OF ESSENTIAL OILS. definition of organic chemistry; definition of main functional groups; individual carrier oil profiles; each carrier oils an aromatherapist must know;ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY KNOWLEDGE; 13 SYSTEMS ; identify the main structures/organs/tissue/glands on anatomical diagram (color exercises provided) video available.CONDITIONS FOR EACH 13 SYSTEMS. ie respiratory asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy.

Unique Self-paced guided system – highly organized.

We look forward to serving your aromatherapy education needs.

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