Adrienne Furrie Makeup

Makeup artist based in Calgary, AB, how to makeup education and beauty products for ‘non-makeup’ folks

Adrienne Furrie is a professional makeup artist with over 20 years of experience working in beauty, fashion, and business. Add working mom, yogi, runner, entrepreneur, carer of children, husband and two large family dogs to her life-experience and you get a pretty well-rounded, approachable, and pragmatic beauty confidant! One who’s found her calling helping others find their beautiful.

From a young age I’ve been fascinated with the power of makeup and clothing to express and alter who we are; both how we feel about ourselves and how others respond to us. I started this business in part, to share that knowledge with people who might feel intimidated or left behind by the ‘beauty’ world. Offering makeup applications, private and group makeup lessons and a curated collection of just the right beauty products.

Founder of the Lovely & Local Subscription Box, providing customized for you, seasonal beauty products from Adrienne’s makeup line, complemented by additional local and (you guessed it – lovely!) products delivered right to your door with the changing of the season – like magic.

And excited to be adding to the line up of her all natural locally sourced and sustainably made lip balms with soon to be launched tinted versions! Made with the sole purpose of making you feel as good as you look.

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