Adaptive Technologies Inc.

Prosthetic, Orthotic and Pedorthic Clinic with Retail Bracing and Support.

We provide custom Prosthetic and Orthotic devices for all ages and all areas of the body. From cranial helmets for infants, to knee bracing for osteoarthritis and ligament injuries for those looking to maintain their activity level. From custom foot orthosis for those nagging foot issues to custom prosthetic devices for those living with limb loss or limb difference.

We don’t just provide products we provide custom solutions whether your issue is minor or major we are here to help you adapt so can keep living your life and chasing your goals.

Our favourite thing to do is problem solve and we are relentless in our pursuit to ensure our patients are totally satisfied with what we provide. That is why we offer trials of most of our products and why we offer both simple over the counter supports and custom devices.

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