ABD Naturals

Founded in 2016, ABD Naturals carries Natural Handmade Bath, Body and Home products

My name is Sawsen, founder of ABD Naturals. I am a Biologist and have been fascinated by nature, botanicals and natural lifestyle throughout my life but have never thought of starting my own business until the year of 2016 when my baby had a severe eczema rush and was prescribed a cortisone cream at the age of 6 months. As a scientific, I know how damaging it can be to a baby’s organs so I tried to find a natural substitute but nothing on the market satisfied my needs at that time so I decided to make him a natural cream that doesn’t have any unnecessary ingredients. I went back to my university courses and read many research articles about eczema’s condition, causes, natural remedies etc and came up with a recipe of a body butter and a soap that I used on his face and body and that did work on him! I was amazed on how fast his skin started to get better.
I started passing the body butter to family and friends then decided to start a business that carries natural skincare products with no harsh or unnecessary products so people who want to make the change and use natural sustainable products can actually find the substitute they’re looking for.
ABD Naturals has now extended its range of products to bath, body and home including but not limited to natural artisan soap, bath salts, face/hair/body oils, natural deodorants, face masks, artisan perfumes, essential oils, beeswax candles and much more!
We offer free delivery within Edmonton for $30+ orders and free shipping on $50+ orders in Canada and $75+ to the US.

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