AA Consulting Services Inc.

Coaching Business Management services

Business Sector
The company currently operates in the professional and technical services sector.
Company Goals and Objectives
AA Consulting Services Inc offers a wide range of in-person and online programs and services,
from individual coaching to group coaching, seminars, and workshops.
Company Ownership Structure
The company is structured as a corporation.
Ownership Background
Amaka C Adindu (sole shareholder):
Amaka has been coaching clients and helping businesses stand out in this chaotic and sometimes
overwhelming world of social media. Managing social media can be daunting and
time-consuming. Amaka will help you determine the cost-effectiveness of choosing the who or
the how, using her stylized methods of branding and optimization.
She works with entrepreneurs and business leaders, charting courses for growth and expansion.
Her expertise includes many years in business as a freelancer, addressing corporate operational
and managerial issues.
Amaka accomplished all of this while being a business owner,
author of two books, blogger, and a keynote speaker – proving that you can have it all!

Company Management Structure
The company is managed and operated by Amaka C Adindu, the Director, who is a Business and
Social Media coach. She controls the strategic and day-to-day business operations,
supplementing her skill set with assistance as required.

Organizational Timeline
AA Consulting Services Inc plans to expand the organization locally and globally including
increasing training programs, hiring additional staff, expanding marketing and promotion,
purchasing new systems (infrastructure) and applications (software), and acquiring a future
store-front location.

The Product
Amaka works with business owners to implement digital marketing and create a visible online
presence. She assists her clients with marketing, visibility, and acquiring new clients. This
includes business and social media coaching, marketing, content creation, digital tools training,
and group and individual coaching.

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