5 Senses Candles & Cosmetics

A online store that sells handmade candles and lipgloss all product were made by two sisters. Located in Calgary, AB

5 Senses was establish in Fall 2020 by two sisters who loved candles and cosmetics and decided to create their own handmade products.

Abby’s interested in cosmetic inspired her to make her own handmade lipgloss. With 5 Senses| Glossé Lips Lipgloss She wanted other women of colour to find colours that will not only make you feel sexy and give you luscious, kissable lips but also complement your skin tone.

Stacey’s love for candles and frustration from constantly buying candles from the modern market that smelled great in the store but, had no smell when it was brought home and burnt inspired a curiosity to make her own candles. She created 5 Senses Candle line that consist of premium coconut soy wax for a natural and clean burn candle that has a great smell / fragrance before , during and after each burn.

With their new found knowledge of candles and cosmetics Abby and Stacey decided to start their own handmade business and pride themselves on making all natural and non toxic products that are eco friendly, vegan friendly, recyclable  and FDA approved.

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